About me

Still learning who I am and savoring what I can.

It feels that my whole life has been about food, even when it wasn’t. From gardening with my Pepé, making gnocchi with Memé, naming ‘pet’ rabbits who would later be ragout to making homemade cinnamon lollipops to sell out of my locker in grade 7 (got in trouble for that one). My dad and step-mom homesteaded, my young impressionable self spent time with that. My college years ended with me cooking professionally. The years after massage school where shared with catering and baking. Every time I tried not to make my life about food, I got further into it.

Once I embraced it I went deep in to organic growing and preserving food. I am now a garden educator for two garden programs, a large summer camp and a small private school, I teach year round. I am also a Master Food Preserver (though Cornell), teaching canning and fermentation wherever I’m asked. I develop recipes and do consultation work in the food industry for food preservation and allergen diets.

Here I hope to share in brief posts, photos and recipes what I am finally learning and creating in my middle aged life. These are very good years to find our truth.







  1. justpaleofood · October 25, 2015


    We hope you’re doing well. We really like your blog (sheflewthecoop.com and would like to re-use your recipes and photos on our website justpaleofood.com.

    JustPaleoFood.com is a paleo-friendly recipe directory where different food bloggers contribute their recipes under their pen name. Our website receives more than 40,000 unique visitors every month.

    The only portion we re-use on our website is a photo along with the ingredients and directions. Anything else that is mentioned on your recipe page i.e. creative expressions, stories or text will not be used by us (so that your website will not have an affect on its search engine rankings).

    If you grant us permission to re-use your recipes and photos on our website, we would in return, always, give a link back to your website and the original source i.e. your blog name will always be mentioned on the bottom of the recipe page.

    We also have a mailing list of over 1000+ subscribers (growing daily) and they are always looking for delicious recipes — your recipes/blog will get exposure from our mailing list as well.

    If you are interested then kindly let us know and reply to this e-mail.

    All the very best for your future and keep making, baking and sharing such delicious recipes. 🙂

    Best Regards,
    JustPaleoFood.com Administration Team

    • Tamika · October 25, 2015

      Hi Admin team of Just Paleo Food,
      Thanks for asking! I’m happy to share any of my recipes, though I am not a prolific blogger; I am a recipe developer and copy writer professionally so often I’m writing for work and get to my personal stuff last.
      I’ve looked over your site and see it’s a great compilation!


      • justpaleofood · November 13, 2015

        Sorry for replying so late. We have added your website in our database and will post recipes from your website very soon.

        P.S. Is it possible to have your e-mail address?

      • Tamika · November 17, 2015

        Of course! It’s Sheflewthecoop2@gmail.com

        Hopefully this will inspire me to blog more of my recipes 🙂

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