She Flew The Coop SHOP 

Welcome to a post not about food.

Yes, they look like food, and produce food, but this photo here represents my blog and my business name choice. Once we had a couple of crazy girls always escaping to the green beyond. I looked out my window one day, as I sat before a blank wordpress form, and watched as one hen flew the coop. I admired those hens breaking free from their boxed life (albeit pretty awesome boxed life!). It’s symbolic of the need for change.


My life is not all food all the time, (though our conversations at home with a Shakespeare Theatre director go like this : He said- SHAKESPEARE! Shakespeare shakespeare. She said- food FOOD food, garden! He said-  you get the idea.

There are moments when I strive to exist beyond food and gardens (and teaching about food and gardens). I have hobbies! I have passions!  So I bring you  She Flew The Coop Shop ! A small space where you can peruse my handmade, one of a kind goods. The shop will be expanding soon (skirts! Aprons! More dresses! Knit wear! Bloomers!) Please come back from time to time and check it out! Follow @she_flewthecoop on instagram.


Thank You,